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New Posts:

Idappaccayatā Paticca Samuppāda5/18/19 (in the “Paticca Samuppāda“section).

Kamma are Done with Sankhāra – Types of Sankhāra5/13/19 (in the “San” subsection).

Do Buddhists Pray and Engage in Idol Worshipping? -5/5/19 (in the “Myths or Realities?” subsection).

Complexity of the Mind – Viññāna and Sankhāra – 4/28/19 (in the “Dhamma with Less Pāli” subsection).

Anulōma Patilōma Paticca Samuppāda – Key to Sōtapanna Stage – 3/15/19 (in the “Sōtapanna Stage of Nibbāna” subsection).

Vitakka, Vicāra, Savitakka, Savicāra, and Avitakka, Avicāra – 3/7/19 (in the “Samādhi, Jhāna (Dhyāna), Magga Phala” subsection).

Attha Purisa Puggalā- Eight Noble Persons – 3/4/19 (in the “Seeking Nibbana” subsection).

Jhānic Experience in Detail – Sāmañ­ña­phala Sutta (DN 2) – 3/2/19 (in the “Samādhi, Jhāna (Dhyāna), Magga Phala” subsection).

Tapussa Sutta (AN 9.41)– Akuppā Cētōvimutti – 2/28/19 (in the “Sutta Interpretations” subsection).

Viññāna and Sankhāra – Connection to Paticca Samuppāda2/25/19 (in the “Essential Buddhism” subsection).

Account of Angulimāla – Many Insights to Buddha Dhamma – 2/17/19 (in the “Dhamma Concepts” subsection).

Sōtapanna Anugāmi – No More Births in the Apāyās – 2/11/19 (in the “Sōtapanna Stage of Nibbāna” subsection).

Sati in Ānapānasati/Satipatthāna – Two Meanings of Sati – 2/4/19 (in the “Essential Buddhism” subsection).

Ānāpāna and Satipatthāna – Fundamentals – 1/30/19 (in the “Essential Buddhism” subsection).

Buddhism and Evolution – Aggañña Sutta (DN 27) –  1/24/19 (in the “Sutta Interpretations” subsection).

Ānapānasati Eliminates Mental Stress Permanently – 1/21/19 (in the “Essential Buddhism” subsection).

Breath Meditation Is Addictive and Harmful in the Long Run – 1/15/19 (in the “Essential Buddhism” subsection).

Connection Between Sankhāra and Viññāna – 1/11/19 (in the “Essential Buddhism” subsection).

Four Noble Truths – Suffering and Its Elimination – 1/6/19 (in the “Essential Buddhism” subsection).

Viññāna – Consciousness Together With Future Expectations – 1/1/19 (in the “Essential Buddhism” subsection).

Pure Dhamma – Reflections on 2018 – 1/1/19

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