Bhāvanā (Meditation)

The numbered posts are to be read in that order. Even for those who are practicing Buddhists, I recommend starting at the Introduction (#1), and going down the list of topics at least the first time.

  • It would be a good idea to read the posts in the following subsection at some point, in order to get an idea about the reasoning behind this approach: “Essential Buddhism“.

1. Introduction to Buddhist Meditation
2. The Basics in Meditation
3. The Second Level
4. What do all these Different Meditation Techniques Mean?
5. Ariya Metta Bhavana (Loving Kindness Meditation)
6. Anapanasati Bhavana (Introduction)
7. What is Änapäna?
Is Ānāpānasati Breath Meditation?
8. The Basic Formal Anapanasati Meditation
Possible Effects in Meditation – Kundalini Awakening 
9. Key to Anapanasati – How to Change Habits and Character (Gathi)
Karaniya Metta Sutta – Metta Bhavana
10. Attaining the Sotapanna Stage via Removing Ditthasava
11. Magga Phala and Ariya Jhanas via Cultivation of Saptha Bojjanga
12. Key Factors to be Considered when “Meditating” for the Sotapanna Stage
13. Kammattana (Recitations) for the Sotapanna Stage

Important Related Posts

Anussati and Anupassanā – Being Mindful and Removing Defilements
Myths about Meditation
A Simple Way to Enhance Merits (Kusala) and Avoid Demerits (Akusala)
The Incessant Distress (“Peleema”) – Key to Dukkha Sacca
Panca Indriya and Panca Bala – Five Faculties and Five Powers
Possible Outcomes of Meditation – Samadhi, Jhana, Magga Phala
What is Samadhi? – Three Kinds of Mindfulness
Getting to Samadhi via Formal Mediation Sessions
Are you not getting expected results from meditation?

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