Micchā Diṭṭhi – Connection to Hetu Phala (Cause and Effect)

October 18, 2016

1. The main reason for many people having various types of micchā diṭṭhi (or wrong views) can be traced back to the fact that the workings of cause and effect involving living beings — and in particular the mind of the sentient beings — is complex.

  • Science has been able to have much success in the material realm, simply because it is easier to see how cause and effect work in the material realm.

2. In the discourse (desana) below, we will talk about cause and effect (hethu-pala) in Buddha Dhamma, and how conditions (paccayā) play a critical role in mental phenomena. The complex relationship between causes and effects in relation to the mind is the reason why it is hard for many to comprehend how and why kamma lead to kamma vipākaAs we discuss in the desana

  • Nothing in this world can come to existence without suitable causes AND conditions,
  • Rebirth process must be valid, in order to fully implement the principle of causality (cause and effect).

3. The critical link between hetu-pala and Paṭicca Samuppāda is Pattana Dhamma, which describe the conditions under which causes (hetu) bring about effects or results (phala).

  • In the near future, I will start a new section on Pattana Dhamma. It is a deep subject, but it can be simplified to easily understand the relationship between hethu-pala and Paṭicca Samuppāda.

4. Here is the desana (volume control on the right):

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