Pure Dhamma Essays in Book Format

1. For those who may like to read the posts on the site in a book format, Mr. Seng Kiat Ng from Singapore has kindly put together all the posts in a pdf file. This file and the others below will be updated by him when I add a new post, at which time I may also revise a few existing essays, so that the eBook will be up-to-date.

Pure Dhamma – 16 March 2019

He also made the eBook in the epub and mobi versions suitable for mobile phones as well as electronic book readers like the Amazon Kindle. Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow me to download them directly to this post (only pdf files are allowed).

  • So he spent more time on it and put all three formats in a cloud drive. Any one of the three formats can now be downloaded from the cloud drive by clicking on the following icons.  May he and his family receive much merits for this meritorious deed!
  • I am deleting most of the old versions of the eBook to free-up space.

Pure Dhamma – 16 March 2019


2. I have revised the following posts and these revisions are included in the updated versions.

The 89 (121) Types of Citta

3. I have not reviewed many of other old posts in this eBook and there could be errors in them, specially if something in one post is contradictory to material in a another post. I will try to revise as needed a couple of old essays each time I add a new post. With time, my understanding is fine-tuned. Most revisions will not be major, but I make every effort to be self-consistent and/or to make the presentation easier to understand.

  • Inter-consistency among all the posts is a good way to gauge the overall accuracy. As always, I appreciate comments on such possible mistakes and inconsistencies. My goal is to have a website that anyone can rely on for correct information on Buddha Dhamma.

October 23, 2015: I have started adding the date of publication for new posts.