Gandhabba (Manomaya Kaya)

Gandhabba (Manomaya Kaya)- Introduction

Does any Object (Rupa) Last only 17 Thought Moments?

Hidden World of the Gandhabba: Netherworld (Paralowa)

Ghost in the Machine – Synonym for the Manomaya Kaya?

Manomaya Kaya (Gandhabba) and the Physical Body

Brain – Interface between Mind and Body

Manomaya Kaya and Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)

Cuti-Patisandhi – An Abhidhamma Description

These posts complement some of the posts in the “Udayavaya Nana” section, which is important for the Sotāpanna stage of Nibbāna. All these are pieces of a complex puzzle, but they are all inter-consistent. So, don’t worry if you do not understand it all; with time it will all make sense and will lead to unbreakable faith in Buddha Dhamma even through future lives. Faith comes via true understanding.

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