Rupa (Material Form) – Table

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What are Rupa? (Relation to Nibbāna)

Rupa (Material Form)

Concretely Produced (Nipphanna) 

Abstract (Anipphanna) Rupa

I. Great Elements (Maha Bhuta) VII. Limiting Phenomenon
1. Patavi (Extension/Hardness) 19. Akasa dhathu (space element)
2. Apo (Cohesion/Fluidity) IX. Communicating (Vinnati) Rupa
3. Tejo (Heat/Hotness) 20. Kaya Vinnati
4. Vayo (Motion/Pushing & Supporting) 21. Vaci Vinnati
II. Internal (Pasada) Rupa X. Mutable (Vikara) Rupa
5. Cakkhu (eye) 22. Lahuta (lightness)
6. Sota (ear) 23. Muduta (Elasticity)
7. Ghana (nose) 24. Kammannata (wieldiness)
8. Jivha (tongue) XI. Material Qualities (Lakkhana Rupa)
9. Kaya (body) 25. Upacaya (production)
III. Gocara (Objective) Rupa 26. Santati (continuity)
10. Vanna (visible)  27. Jarata (Decay)
11. Sadda (Sound) 28. Aniccata (Dissolving)
12. Gandha (Smell)
13. Rasa (Taste)
* Pottabba (Tangibility, warmth, and movement) comes

from 3 mahā bhuta of patavi, tejo, vayo

IV. Bhava (Sexual) Rupa 
14. Itthi (Feminine)
15. Purisa (Masculine)
V. Hadaya 
16. Hadaya Vatthu (heart base)
VI. Life
17. Jivitindriya (Life faculty)
VII. Nutitional
18. Oja (Nutriment)

The 16 rupa that are highlighted in blue are fine (sukuma) rupa; the other 12 are coarse (olarika) rupa.

Types of Rupas Present in Different Realms

  • Nipphanna rupa are caused by kamma, citta, utu (tejo), and ahara (oja). The other 10 (anipphanna rupa) are not caused or conditioned by kamma, citta, utu (tejo), and ahara (oja).
  • All the 28 rupas arise in the kāma-realms. Eight rupas comprising sadda, five vikara-rupas, jarātarupa and aniccata-rupa, do not arise at the moment of birth (patisandhi) whereas, during life time, there is no rupa which is not formed.
  • In the 15 rupa realms, with the exception of Asanna-realm, 23 rupas arise (ghana-pasada, jivha-pasada, kaya- pasada, itthi-bhava and purisa-bhava being excluded).
  • Only 17 rupas arise in the Asanna realm; they are 8 avinibbhogas (4 mahā bhuta, vaṇṇa, gandha, rasa, oja), jivita, akasa dhatu, 3 lahutadi, 4 lakkhana- rupas;
  • No rupa (except hadaya vatthu) arise in the arupa-realms; thus a trace of matter is present anywhere in the 31 realms. Ancient yogis, who attained all eight anariya jhānā, could not see any rupa in the arupa loka and deduced that was Nibbāna. But rupa still have a “foothold” in the arupaloka since any being in the arupaloka will be reborn in other realms in the future (unless at least the Sotāpanna stage is attained); thus linkage to materiality has not been severed.
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