Quantum Mechanics – A New Interpretation

March 13, 2018; revised December 8, 2020

1. A new interpretation of quantum mechanics (QM) based on nonlocality and realism is presented, where wave-particle duality is shown to be an incorrect and unnecessary assumption.

  • In our proposed interpretation, appropriate wave functions are established instantaneously across space per nonlocality.
  • Nonlocality of Nature is hard for many to accept, but it is valid in three key experiments conducted in 2015.
  • All existing experimental data, including those, are shown to be inter-consistent with this interpretation.

2. I will systematically expand the arguments given in the above paper (in #3 below) in a series of posts on the website. The following are the posts published so far. It would be helpful to read these posts first since they provide key ideas.

What Is a Wave and What Is a Particle?

Photons Are Particles, Not Waves

Basis of the Proposed Interpretation – Feynman’s Technique in QED

It may be a good idea to read the following posts as well:

3. When I started working on this project over two years ago, I had conversations with Professor Gayanath Fernando. We tried to get a paper published on the proposed interpretation of QM.

  • However, we were unable to convince the reviewers, and the paper did not get published. The pdf of a recent version can be downloaded here: “A Self Consistent Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics Based on Nonlocality. “
  • The reviewers’ main objection seemed to be the nonlocality argument, and some were reluctant to reject the “wave-particle duality.” I will be discussing those and other issues in detail in this section.
  • However, it is ironic that the nonlocality of Nature was firmly established in 2015, as discussed in the above paper.

4. I plan to write a series of posts in this section and welcome comments from knowledgeable readers familiar with concepts in quantum mechanics. I have opened a new forum entitled “Quantum Mechanics – A New Interpretation” at the discussion forum to discuss each post published.

  • Anyone will be able to read these posts and also the posts at the discussion forum. However, one needs to register at the forum to ask questions or make comments. Forum registration instructions can be found at “General Information and Updates.”
  • Now, let us discuss the key idea briefly behind the proposed connection of kamma vipāka to QM.
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