Seeking Nibbāna

1. This section is for those who are interested not merely in pursuing a good life or seeking  better lives in future births. Other religions can also provide guidance for those goals to a certain extent. The uniqueness in the Buddha’s message is that there is perpetual suffering in the unending cycle of rebirths in “this world”, the root causes for that suffering, that there is possible release from that suffering (Nibbāna), and there is a way to attain Nibbāna.

2. The first stage of attaining Nibbāna is the Sotāpanna (Stream Entry) stage. In order to reach this stage, one needs to have a complete understanding of Buddha Dhamma (or the laws of nature). Since only a Buddha can discover these laws, it is not possible for anyone (no matter how intelligent) to discover these laws by oneself.

3. Once the Sotāpanna stage is attained, one knows what to do next. Thus there is no need to get further information from anywhere else. My goal with this site is to provide necessary information to attain the Sotāpanna stage, even though further information is also available for completeness.

Sotāpanna Stage of Nibbāna subsection has a number of posts describing the Sotāpanna stage.

Posts in this section:

Attha Purisa Puggalā- Eight Noble Persons

Āsava, Anusaya, and Gati (Gati)

“The Way to Nibbāna – Removal of Āsavā”

Kanha (Dark) and Sukka (Bright) Kamma and Kammakkhaya

Dasa Samyōjana – Bonds in Rebirth Process

The Cooling Down Process (Nibbāna) – How Root Causes are Removed

“Why is Correct Interpretation of Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta so Important?”

How to Cultivate the Noble Eightfold Path Starting with Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta

Akusala Citta – How a Sotāpanna Avoids Apayagami Citta

Difference Between Giving Up Valuables and Losing Interest in Worthless

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