Does “Anatta” Refer to a “Self”?

Anatta in Tilakkhana (three characteristics of nature) is not about a “self” but about the non-beneficial nature of the world. Understanding the “anicca, dukkha, anatta nature” of the world is critical to attaining Nibbāna, the end of suffering.

October 2, 2023

To comprehend the posts in this section, it is critically important to understand the concept of a “pabhassara citta” or a “pure mind. ” 

Cognition Modes – Sañjānāti, Vijānāti, Pajānāti, Abhijānāti

Anicca Nature- Chasing Worldly Pleasures Is Pointless

Aniccaṁ Vipariṇāmi Aññathābhāvi – A Critical Verse

Dukkha – Previously Unknown Truth About Suffering

Etaṁ Mama, Esohamasmi, Eso Me Attā’ti – What Does It Mean?

“Attā” as “Self” – Wrong Translation in Many Suttās

“Attato Samanupassati” – To View Something to be of Value 

Saññā Vipallāsa – Distorted Perception

Saññā – All Our Thoughts Arise With “Distorted Saññā”

Upaya and Upādāna – Two Stages of Attachment


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