Tables and Summaries

Pali Glossary

I will keep adding more words to the glossary. If you would like me to add any  words to the glossary, please send a comment. You do not need to disclose your identity.

It is absolutely NOT necessary to memorize the following summaries. These are to be used as a reference. I normally look these up as needed from different sources, but thought of putting all that information here so that I or anyone else can just look them up conveniently.

The 89 Cittas

Cetasika (Mental Factors)

Rupa (Material Form)

Rupa – Generation Mechanisms

Rupa Kalapas (Grouping of Matter)

Akusala Citta and Akusala Vipaka Citta

37 Factors of Enlightenment

Conditions for the Four Stages of Nibbana

Ultimate Realities – Table

Citta Vithi – Processing of Sense Inputs

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