Pure Dhamma – Sinhala Translation

January 24, 2017; more sections added December 2, 2017

1. Professor J. M. R. Sarath Bandara, who is a retired professor at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, has kindly taken upon the task to translate the Pure Dhamma site to Sinhala language.

  • With his mastering of both Sinhala and English languages, this translation is very much superior to the word-by-word translation provided by the Google Translator plugin for WordPress.
  • Therefore, I will remove Sinhala as an option in the Google Translator.

2. The pdf files for different sections at the website are given below. Only some of the sections have been translated so far, and there could be gaps in those sections as well.

  • As he translates more posts and sections, the updated files will be uploaded here.

3. We have left the English titles for each section below as they appear at the website. That will make it easier to refer back to the original English posts.

  • The links in the Sinhala translation to various websites — and especially videos — may not work. One can access those in the original English posts.

Much merits to Professor Sarath Bandara and his family for this meritorious deed!

Cover page – Pure Dhamma – Sinhala

Section 1- Buddha Dhamma

Section 2.1 – Key Dhamma concepts -San

Section 2.2 – Key Dhamma Concepts – Nibbāna

Section 2.3 -Key Dhamma Concepts – Anicca Dukka Anatta

Section 2.4 -Key Dhamma Concepts – Gathi Bhava and Jati

Section 2.5 -Key Dhamma Concepts – Sorting Out Key Pāli Terms

Section 2.6 -Key Dhamma Concepts – The Five Aggregates

Section 7 – Paticca Samuppada

Section 11.1 – Abhidhamma – Mind and Consciousness

Section 11.2 – Abhidhamma – Citta and Cetasika

Section 11.3 – Abhidhamma – Gandhabbaya (Manomaya Kaya)

Section 11.4 – Abhidhamma – Individual posts on Abhidhamma

December 2, 2017


Sutta Interpretations

Living Dhamma


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