Pure Dhamma – Sinhala Translation

January 24, 2017; more sections added December 2, 2017

Professor J. M. R. Sarath Bandara, a retired professor at the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka, kindly took upon the task of translating the Pure Dhamma site into Sinhala language.

November 14, 2023 update:

Many of the original posts that Professor Sarath Bandara translated in 2017 have been revised and thus are not up-to-date. Therefore, I am removing all the posts he kindly translated.

  • These days, there are many websites in the Sinhala language that adequately provide the same teachings in the Sinhala language. For a short list, please see the post “Parinibbāna of Waharaka Thēro.”
  • I have lost contact with Professor Sarath Bandara for several years, so I could not notify him of this decision. Much merit to him and his family for his efforts!
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