Essential Buddhism

December 25, 2018

1. It has become clear to me that many people do not have an understanding of the key concepts of Buddhism (Buddha Dhamma), through no fault on their part. They just have been taught incorrect Dhamma.

  • I have been participating in a prominent “Buddhist Discussion Form” on and off for almost two years. During the past six months or I have been engaging on a regular basis.
  • It is only within the past 3-4 months that I started to realize that most people at that forum (at least those who frequently comment) have a poor background in Buddha Dhamma.
  • That includes some bhikkhus who are supposed to be “highly knowledgeable” on Buddhism. Their faithful followers just quote those bhikkhus and other “academic scholars” instead of quoting the Tipitaka. When they quote the Tipitaka, they use incorrect translations of key Pāli words.

2. The purpose of this subsection is to address the following:

  • To provide a basic understanding of the key principles of Buddha Dhamma mainly using the first discourse of the Buddha (Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta) and a few key suttas.
  • To illustrate that much damage has been and is being done by translating key suttas with deep meaning in conventional “word-by-word” translations. Such deep suttas need to be explained in detail. Otherwise, instead of providing Buddha’s teachings, one would be distorting Buddha’s teachings.
  • That requires a solid basis of explaining those key words. Here, “san” is a key root word that needs to understood. Dhamma is “sanditthikō” (“san” + “ditthikō“): one sees Dhamma when one sees “san” and has the ability to discern “san” or defilements (condensed as lōbha, dōsa, mōha): “rāgakkhayō Nibbānamdōsakkhayō Nibbānam, mōhakkhayō Nibbānam”.

3. If anyone can point out any errors in my presentation, I welcome such comments. However, they must refer to a specific bullet # in a given post and illustrate with evidence from the Tipitaka WHY what I say is incorrect.

4. List of posts in this section:

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