Pure Dhamma – German Website

October 21, 2017

1. Puredhamma.net, which discusses Buddha’s teachings per Tipiṭaka, is now available in German, thanks to Mr. Tobias Große in Heilbad Heiligenstadt, Germany. Here is the link:


  • Mr. Große has spent a lot of time studying Buddha Dhamma, and he tells me that he has read almost all posts at the puredhamma.net site and many posts more than once. From the questions that I have been getting from him over the past year, I feel that he has grasped the key concepts and is quite capable of expressing those concepts in German.
  • As of today, he has translated three main sections, and will continue to add more sections until the two sites are “in sync”.
  • He is also willing to answer questions; there is a “Comment” bar at the bottom of each page.

2. Even though the “Google Translator” at the top right of the puredhamma.net site is a useful resource that can be used to translate the site material to many languages, it is done by a mechanical process, which basically translates word for word.

  • Such a word for word translation sometimes gives incorrect interpretations, especially since key Pāli words with deep meanings are involved. Therefore, the “Google Translator” is not very reliable. I will remove German as an option for the “Google Translator” in a couple of months after enough sections are available at https://puredhamma/de.

3. Finally, it has been a pleasure to interact with Mr. Große and his family over the past year or so. His wife and children are also fully engaged and it is heartwarming to see how much they have advanced, and their enthusiasm for this meritorious project. Much merits to the whole family for their efforts!



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