Key Dhamma Concepts

Within thousand years of the Buddha’s Parinibbāna (passing away), certain key concepts became distorted. For many years, I had nagging questions on the compatibility of certain concepts that are widely published in “Buddhist literature”, including Theravada literature. For example, explanations of anicca, anatta, sunyata, did not make sense to me. Furthermore, I got lost in a myriad of explanations for terms like saṅkhāra; there are three different meanings for that word in standard Theravada texts.

When I started listening to the dēsanas by Waharaka Thero in Sri Lanka, it became immediately apparent to me that “this was the true Dhamma”; see, “Parinibbāna of Waharaka Thero“. Furthermore, concepts like saṃsāra, samma, saṅkhāra became crystal clear while I was just listening. I hope I will be able to convey this information as clearly below.

This main section has the following sub-sections:

Basic Framework of Buddha Dhamma

San (Explanation of many key Pāli words)


Anicca, Dukkha, Anatta

Gati, Bhava, and Jāti

Sorting out Some Key Pāli Terms (Tanha, Lobha, Dosa, Moha, etc)

The Five Aggregates (Pañcakkhandha)

Subsection:Nāma & Rūpa to Nāmarūpa

Deeper Analyses:

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