Popup Pāli Glossary with Pronunciation

November 6, 2023: Added #8 with two free mdx dictionary.

February 20, 2020: Updated #5 URL Link for Windows and Mobile iPhone/iPad. Added at #5 and #7 – Plain Dictionary for Mobile Android. (by Seng Kiat Ng)

August 12, 2016: Mr. Seng Kiat Ng added the new words in the two new posts “Pāli Glossary – (A-K)” and “Pāli Glossary – (L-Z)” to the pop-up dictionary, so that there are now a total of 416 Pāli words. Please download the two new files in #3 below and delete the old files, if you have already installed the GoldenDict dictionary.

  • Installation instructions are given below for those who have not installed the pop-up GoldenDict dictionary but would like to do so.

January 7, 2016

Mr. Seng Kiat Ng wrote this post. Much merits to him and his family for this meritorious work. This is a very useful feature that can be used with any other site as well (by downloading other dictionaries; see below).

  • Please remember that once you download the files as he instructed, you will be able to highlight a Pāli word (178 words as of today) in any of the posts at the site and a popup screen will display the English meaning. You also be able to hear the Pāli pronunciation if clicked on the audio button.

1. We will be using the GoldenDict online dictionary platform. First, one needs to install it on one’s computer and then download the two Puredhamma Pāli dictionary files to a folder on one’s computer.

  • Other online or downloadable (free) dictionaries can be used as described below.

2. Go to http://goldendict.org/download.php and choose the version suitable for you. I chose the first option to download the Windows version.

  • Download the .exe file and double-click to run it and install it.
  • Mine was installed in the C:\Program Files (X86)\GoldenDict directory. There should a “GoldenDict.exe” file there.  This is the “clickable icon” that will open the application. It does not automatically create this “clickable icon” on the desktop, so right click on that and make a copy on the desktop for convenience.
  • Now the GoldenDict application can be opened by double-clicking that link on the desktop.

3. Next, download the two files (one text, one audio) for the Pāli dictionary to a folder in your computer (it could be the same “GoldenDict” folder above).

You may want to close any other screens (other than the one with the “Download” button) that pop up with advertisements. Wait until the “Download” button becomes “clickable.”

4. Now open the GoldenDict as instructed in #2 above.

  • Go to “Edit” and choose “Dictionaries” and then choose the folder you put the above two Pāli Glossary files.
  • Now, right next to the “search button” on GoldenDict, there is the “scan popup” option selection button indicated by a “pen-like” symbol. Click on it to enable scan popups.
  • Now, open any page on Puredhamma. net and select a Pāli word. If you are running Windows Explorer, just placing the cursor on the word will make the dictionary popup (if that word is one of the 178 words that are so far in the Pāli dictionary).  Try “anicca” in a post to test because that word is there.
  • If you have Google Chrome, you need to select the word (highlight) and hit CTRL+C+C (hold CTRL button and hit C twice) for it to pop up.
  • There is a “speaker” symbol there in the popup, and you can click on it to play back the audio file (pronunciation).
  • In order for the popup dictionary to work, GoldenDict must be opened at the same time.

5. Here is a complete list of options to download the GoldenDict platform:

      Other Dictionary Tool:

6. You can use the GoldenDict platform to access other online or downloadable dictionaries (to be used either with this site or any other site). Some can be chosen at the “Edit” menu. Go to “Edit” and choose “Dictionaries,” and on the second row of that screen, there are some online dictionaries you can choose from.

  •  More information at the GoldenDict.org site.
  • If you have two or more dictionaries loaded, then the popup will display translations provided by all of them (if that word is in them).

7. Other than GoldenDict, the following two platforms also could be used.

    • Plain Dictionary (Android – Free, unlimited Dictionary with no advertisement) Send me a email if you need the Plain Dictionary (Android) application.
    • BlueDict (Android – Free; limited to 10 Dictionaries and with advertisement) 
    • MDict (Windows/IPhone/Ipad/Windows Mobile/Android – Free with no limitation on number of Dictionary)

8. Other mdx dictionary besides Pure-Dhamma-Pali-English-Glossary as in #3 above. Take note that the below dictionary has text only, no pronunciation for the word.

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