Sōtapanna Stage of Nibbāna

The first stage of Nibbāna — the Sōtapanna stage —  is also called the Stream Enterer in English and Sōvān in Sinhala.

The Sotapanna Stage

Why a Sotapanna is Better off than any King, Emperor, or a Billionaire

Myths about the Sotapanna Stage

Anulōma Patilōma Paticca Samuppāda – Key to Sōtapanna Stage

Sotapanna Anugami and a Sotapanna

Sōtapanna Anugāmi – No More Births in the Apāyās

Four Conditions for Attaining Sotapanna Magga/Phala

Sotapatti Anga – The Four Qualities of a Sotapanna

Sammā Ditthi – Realization, Not Memorization

Assāda, Ādīnava, Nissarana

Sakkaya Ditthi is Personality (Me) View?

How Does One Know whether the Sotapanna Stage is Reached?

Akusala Citta – How Does a Sotapanna Avoids Apayagami Citta

What is the only Akusala Removed by a Sotapanna?

Uadayavaya Nana 

Micca Ditthi, Gandhabba, and Sotapanna Stage – (in the “Mental Body – Gandhabba


12. Key Factors to be Considered when “Meditating” for the Sotapanna Stage  (in the Meditation section).

Also, see the following posts in the Abhidhamma section for more details (these could be helpful even if you have not studied Abhidhamma):

Why do People Enjoy Immoral Deeds? – Ditthi is Key

Key to Sotapanna Stage – Ditthi and Vicikicca

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