Elephants in the Room

February 28, 2022

The goal is to highlight the obvious contradictions in current English (and other languages) translations of key concepts in Buddha Dhamma.

  • I call these “elephants in the room” because these obvious contradictions have gone unnoticed for all these years. It is a puzzling phenomenon because it is not necessary to have knowledge of Pāli to see some of these contradictions. Even a child should be able to see some of these contradictions!
  • Note that there are several posts within each section and some of them branch out to even more posts.

First Elephant:Elephant in the Room 1 – Direct Translation of the Tipiṭaka

Second Elephant: Elephant in the Room 2Jhāna and Kasina

Third Elephant: “Elephant in the Room 3 – Ānāpānasati

Fourth Elephant: “Elephant in the Room 4 – Gandhabba/Manomaya Kāya

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