Pure Dhamma – Korean Website

November 20, 2019

1. Puredhamma.net, which discusses Buddha’s teachings per Tipiṭaka, is now available in Korean, thanks to Mr. Ja-nyun Kim. Patighosa is his Theravada Buddhist name, and Hojan is his pen name. He was born in South Gyeongsang Province, Korea in 1958.

Here is the link to the website:


  • It turns out that his son of 26 years of age is actively involved in this effort. He is the manager (DHK) of the Puredhamma Study Group Cafe (https://cafe.naver.com/puredhamma).

2. They have conducted a Pure Dhamma study group for over a year. Link to that site is https://cafe.naver.com/puredhamma)

3. Over the past year, I have received several emails from Koreans praising the efforts of the father and son team. They must be doing a good job of translation.

  • Much merits to the whole family for their efforts!

Please note: There are a few problems with the discussion forum at puredhamma.net (English website) “Forums
– New comments are not shown in the main forum page. However,  new comments are shown under each topic and all comments can be read without a problem. I will be on travel for two weeks, so getting the display issue fixed may be slow.

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