Niramisa Sukha – In a Chart

There are several posts at the site on “niramia sukha“. It is NOT a feeling (vedana) in the sense of a sense pleasure; it does not belong in the vedana cetasika. It is a “sense of relief” when one starts realizing the “burdens” associated with sense pleasures.

  • The closest analogy (if one can be given) is the feeling one gets when one is relieved of an headache that one had since birth.

I have made a single page chart that shows how the niramisa sukha starts as one starts when one first hears the true message of the Buddha and starts comprehending it, and becomes a Sotāpanna Anugami. Then it makes permanent stepwise jumps at the four stages of Nibbāna culminating in the Arahanthood.

Niramisa Sukha - In a Chart

The pdf file can be saved or printed for reference:

Niramisa Sukha – In a Chart

Discussion of the chart is at:

Learning Buddha Dhamma Leads to Niramisa Sukha

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