Suffering in This Life – Role of Mental Impurities

September 2, 2016

1. In the post, “Starting on the Path Even without Belief in Rebirth” in this series (“Living Dhamma“), we introduced two types of hidden suffering revealed to the world by the Buddha, and discussed the first type of suffering that we experience in this life.

  • Here we continue that discussion, and figure out ways to relieve that suffering.

2. In the previous post, “What Are Kilesa (Mental Impurities)? – Connection to Cetasika“, we discussed how asobhana cetasika represent the mental impurities or kilesas.

  • In this and a few more desanas, we will discuss that highly condensed post, in order to simplify and clarify the main ideas relevant to practice.

3. Here is the desana (You may need to adjust volume control on your computer):

” Suffering in This Life – Role of Mental Impurities

Relevant posts mentioned in the desana:

2. The Basics in Meditation

Cetasika (Mental Factors)

Citta and Cetasika

 Next in the series, “Satipaṭṭhāna Sutta – Relevance to Suffering in This Life“.

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