Sutta Chanting (with Pali Text)

Revised August 14, 2016; October 1, 2018 (better audio format)

Following are recordings of three popular suttas by a Venerable Thero and the corresponding Pali texts. At some point, I will make English translations. Most existing translations provide only the mundane (“padaparama“) meanings.

Please note that a few suttas are translated and discussed in the section “Sutta Interpretations“.

1. Karaniya Metta Sutta (need to adjust volume in your computer):

You can use the “DOWNLOAD” button to open the file. You can play it there or right-click on the screen and choose “save as..” to save to your computer.



Pali text with English translation (click to open):

Karaniya Metta Sutta

2. Ratana Sutta (need to adjust volume on your computer):



Pali text (click to open):

Ratana Sutta

3. Maha Mangala Sutta (need to adjust volume on your computer):



Pali text (click to open):

Maha Mangala Sutta

4. Here is a recording of 75 minutes of pirith (Sutta chanting) including the Dhamma Cakka Pavattana Sutta.

Click to download (when it opens, right-click on the screen of the new window to save to file):

5. Following are more popular suttas. Once a given sutta is open, you can play it or download from there.

Dammacakkappavattana Sutta

Sachchavibhanga Sutta

Girimananda Sutta

Bojjanga Piritha (Maha Moggalana)

Bojjanga Piritha (Maha Kassapa)

Khandha Sutta (Piritha)

Mora Sutta

Mettanisansa Sutta

Vasala Sutta

Atanatiya Sutta

Alavaka Sutta

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