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      Posts relevant to the discussion forum:
      Problems with Registering, Login, Lost Password?
      How to Reply to a Forum Question
      Pure Dhamma Discussion Forum Guidelines

      If you have any problems with the forum, please send me an email: [email protected]

      Do not try to edit posts older than an hour! It will get DELETED. Just make a new reply with what you want to revise.

      To provide a link to a post, please follow the following procedure.

      – Open the web page on a new browser window. Copy the title of the post and paste it in the posting where you want to put the link.
      – Now go back and copy the URL of the web page.
      – Come back to the posting, highlight the title and click the “link” button on the format panel.
      – A new window will open up and paste that copied link to the “URL” slot. Also, select “Open link in a new tab”, and click the “Add Link” button at the bottom.

      This way, one reading the post will be able to open the post in question in a new window, so that he/she can go back and forth between the post and the web page in question.

      Search Capabilities:
      – “Search” box is working for the main site. It is labeled, “Search Main Site (Enter Key Word)”.

      – Also, the “Search” box in the forum is working just for the forum. This is labeled, “Search”.

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