How to Reply to a Forum Question

1. If one just  types in the default window, then the comment will appear at the very end of the discussion, as a new thread. Anyone will be able to see that as the latest comment, but then one needs to refer to the comment that he/she is responding to.

  • If one hits the reply button, one can directly respond to a comment by that specific person (i.e., one’s comment will appear below that comment or that thread). Then a reader will need to scan to find the new comment (especially if there are newer threads at the bottom).
  • You can figure this out by looking at the postings by others that are already there.
  • Once a reply a submitted, it can be revised within the next hour only. After that it will be locked and one needs to submit a new reply if needed.

2. The formatting buttons “b” for bold, “i” for italics, etc. can be used to make the text more legible.

3. In particular, it is good to use the “link” button to provide a link to another post or even external links. In order to describe the procedure, let us assume that you want to provide a link to the “Abhidhamma – Introduction” post at the website.

  1. Open that post in a separate window.
  2. Copy the title of the post (Abhidhamma – Introduction) and paste in the text you are writing.
  3. Select that text with the title (Abhidhamma – Introduction) and click the “link” button. It will open a new window to put in the web address.
  4. Go to that other open window with the “Abhidhamma – Introduction” post and copy the web address from that web page (which in this case is”).
  5. Come back and paste that to provide the link at the URL input.
  6. You can also check the little box “Open link in a new tab”, so that when someone clicks on the link, it will be opened in a new window.
  1. Follow the same procedure to provide an external link.