Why Birth is Dukkha?

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      Hi Everyone,

      All homage and highest Puja to matchless Tiratana!
      as stated in Noble Truth of Dukkha “What, your reverence, is the Noble Truth of suffering? Birth is suffering; aging is suffering; death is suffering; grief, lamentation, bodily pain, mental pain and despair are suffering; not getting what one desires, that too is suffering: In brief the five aggregates subject to grasping are suffering.”

      I agree that aging, death etc is Suffering (or has hidden suffering).

      How could birth itself is suffering? there might be suffering and hidden suffering at stages of one’s life (the disease, aging and death). but if we try to dissect it, what exactly made birth is suffering or has hidden suffering?

      without birth how can one contact with Buddha Dhamma? the Prince Siddhartha himself inspired when see the 4 sign and that doesn’t include birth. and i don’t think birth of Ariyas is dukkha.
      so what does Birth imply in Noble Truth of Dukkha.

      please enlighten me ?

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      Good question, because this gets to the heart of Buddha Dhamma.

      The Buddha addressed the issue of future-suffering in the rebirth process.
      – Each living being is born only to go through aging, sickness, and eventual death. But it does not end there.
      – That living being is born again, only to got through the same process of aging, sickness, and death.
      – Furthermore, most births in that rebirth process are in the four lowest realms (apayas) of animal, hungry ghost, asura, and hell. We tend to think of “birth’ as “birth as a human.” But in the rebirth process, human birth is very hard to get.

      That is called “suffering associated with the rebirth process” or “samsaric dukkha.”
      – The only way to end that suffering is to stop the rebirth process, i.e., to attain Nibbana.

      The Buddha realized the “hidden suffering” in the rebirth process when he saw the “Four Great Omens” as a young Prince. See, “Buddhahood Controversies – Introduction

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      May all being, especially those who strive to comprehend 4 Noble Truth and you Good Sir attain Nibbana as soon as possible ?

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