Removing black rays?

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      I came across a video with the title “Removing Black Rays.”
      The first thought that came to mind was that is some new-age stuff. That is, UNTIL I realized it’s guided by Ven. Walasmulle Abhaya Thero. That means there’s definitely more to it. What this is actually about?

      The only thing I could think of was what Lal mentioned in the post 11. Magga Phala via Cultivation of Satta Bojjhaṅga
      “And this burning of defilements leads to the generation of contaminants that need to be expelled and cleansed via proper breathing (this is not “ānāpāna”). We should not focus on the breath like in the mundane “breath meditation.” We are just getting rid of certain “utuja rupa” that had been in the body due to greed, hate, and ignorance defilements.”

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      1. The verse in the video is not in the Tipitaka, as far as I can see. It is possibly one composed to aid in attaining jhana. There is nothing wrong with that approach if one is interested in cultivating jhana.
      – Abhaya Thero’s discourses are not only focused on jhana. He recommends going through an extensive set of instructions (also on YouTube, mainly in the Sinhala language).

      2. Yes. The quote from my posts explains how proper breathing (possibly together with such recitals) can help get to “passaddhi,” possibly leading to jhana.

      3. However, the main focus in Anapanasati/Satipatthana MUST BE the removal of “bad gati” that perpetuates the rebirth process.
      – See, “How Habits are Formed and Broken – A Scientific View
      – The following chart explains the basis:
      Basis of Removing Bad Gati

      P.S. The critical point is that when we attach to an arammana (tanha), that happens automatically. We don’t have control over that step.
      – But we become aware “that the mind got attached” when we start generating vaci sankhara based on that arammana. At that point, we can stop generating more vaci sankhara.
      – But if we “remain attached (because we like that arammana),” then we go to the beginning of the PS cycle (avijja paccaya sankhara). Then that will proceed to bhava and jati in Idappacayata PS, where one will be “born” in a corresponding mental state and continue generating more PS cycles. That will lead to strengthening that “bad gati.”
      – It takes an effort to get rid of such “deeply ingrained gati” (digham assasanto…) discussed in #3 above.
      – “Paṭicca Samuppāda During a Lifetime

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      Interesting, thanks Lal for your explanation.

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