Question about the meaning of the word Sot̄apanna

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      With the help of Hojan, the manager of PureDhamma site in Korea, I was able to get a recommendation for the video below.

      In this video, I could learn that we can get Sōtapanna Magga/Phala by listening desana.

      (Related Pure Dhamma post : “Four Conditions for Attaining Sōtapanna Magga/Phala“)

      And also, I learned about Pali word sāvaka means listening.(at 06:36)

      Then I thought that : The Pali word of Sotāpanna’s ‘Sotā’ does not only means the meaning of ‘flowing stream of water’ but also ‘ears’ like sota in Sotaviññāṇa?

      So I have a question🙏

      Does the name “Sotāpanna” also include the fact that we can get Sōtapanna Magga/Phala by listening desana?

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      Hello namo0804,
      Glad to see you here on the forum.
      Yes. Hojan is doing a great job with the Korean puredhamma website. He also regularly sends me emails with suggestions for revisions/improvements.

      Regarding your question:
      The word “Sotapanna” is probably associated with both those meanings.
      (i) “Dutiyasāriputta Sutta (SN 55.5)” provides one meaning associated with “sota” (stream) being the Noble Eightfold Path. When one starts on the “path” or the “stream” one becomes a Sotāpanna: “sota” + “āpanna” where “āpanna” means “entering.”
      (ii) As you stated, “the name “Sotāpanna” also includes the fact that we can get Sōtapanna Magga/Phala by listening desana.”
      That is discussed in #3 of the post you referred to.

      P.S. I just revised your post to embed the Youtube video you referred to. It talks about the fact that one needs to grasp the Dhamma by hearing about it from a Noble Person to become a Sotapanna. That is quite right. If one does not know about the Noble truths, one will never reach the Sotapanna stage by just “meditating.”
      – Also, one can embed a Youtube video in a post the following way:
      (i) Click the “Share” button below the video and copy the link.
      (ii) Paste that link in the post.

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      Oh I see. Thank you for the detailed explanation.

      May all living beings be with the Blessings of the Buddha, Dhamma, and Sangha! 🙏🙏

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