Puredhamma meditation retreat 2020

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      2 days ago i had the opportunity to speak a little bit with Vimuththa Therani of Aloko Udapadi. She is a nun who teaches this Pure Dhamma and is very fluent in English.
      It is claimed that she an Arahant. Although we may not know that for sure, i can tell you that from the short conversation i had with her she was able to recommend a way of meditation from seeing my past lives which solved a lot of the blocks i have experienced on the path. Which is a very special ability indeed.

      You can find her sermons here

      She does have some English sermons, But those are a little slow due to being intended towards complete beginners, but still good.

      Then i asked her if she was willing to hold a retreat for this community and Christians Discord server in Europe some time in 2020. Where all those of us who are practicing dhamma online have the opportunity to get together and meet up.
      She was very much willing to do so and said she would do anything to help spread this dhamma.

      Now this is completely in the beginning stages. So therefore i would very much like to gauge the intrest in attending this. So here is a poll: https://strawpoll.com/4eawk1yp
      (Those who have already expressed their interests in the Discord group, please ignore)

      When i know this i will speak with her further :)
      It would also be nice if Lal could announce this in an upcoming post, such that more people will know that this is in the works.

      It will be in Europe because this is where i know the most dhamma friends.


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      Thanks for posting this update, Axel.
      – By the way, Axel is on an extended trip to Sri Lanka in search of a monastery to become Anagarika and then eventually a Bhikkhu. His travel experiences are described at: “Arya Monasteries

      I had heard about Vimuththa Therani but had not listened to a discourse from her. I just listened to half of a discourse and it was, of course, good.

      It is good to listen to any of the Theros/Theranis listed by Axel in his reports.

      Christian and others have also discussed discourses and retreats by others, including Walassmulle Abhaya Thero. See, “Personal Experiences

      – They are all based on Waharaka Thero’s correct interpretations.
      – Each one’s approach may be somewhat different.

      I also encourage attending retreats by any of them. I hear good things about them. Those are good opportunities, especially if a retreat is to be held close-by.

      P.S. This week’s new post is:
      Kamma, Saṅkhāra, and Abhisaṅkhāra

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      Thank you for sharing this information and the link as well

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      Just wondering what’s this “Christians Discord server?” Is it a group of like minded individuals that’s interested in the puredhamma? If it is, what’s the address to the discord server? Thank you.

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      TripleGemStudent: “Just wondering what’s this “Christians Discord server?”

      Christian is a person who posted some videos in the link that I provided above.

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      AxelSnaxel was unable to post the following comment in reply to TripleGemStudent’s above. He has asked me to post it. His comment is below:

      “Yes, that is exactly what it is. It’s great and we regularly have English dhamma talks there. It’s been immensely helpful on my path.
      We even have a small group for monthly Skype sermons with Amadassana Thero himself.
      Hope to see you there

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      Thank you LaL and AxelSnaxel !! Unfortunately the discord link no longer works :( or I can’t get it to work anyways . .

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      @TripleGemStudent: The WebLink above for Discord is correct. If you are new to Discord, read this “Getting Started for Discord“. After reading the Getting Started, you should be able to setup an account and start using Discord.

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      I can confirm the link seems to navigate to discordapp.com proper and not the actual channel

      I will try inputting the url # as a server search

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      If the discord link doesn’t work just contact my Whatsapp nr: +47 941 646 58

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      Thank you all for your replies ^_^

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      Hi AxelSnaxel,

      You mentioned “We even have a small group for monthly Skype sermons with Amadassana Thero himself.”

      Just want to check with you if the skype sermons with the Venerable Amadassana Thero are still being conducted.

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