Niramisa Dominassa

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      I was listening to a Dhamma talk by Bhante Sujato, and he was talking about the state of “spiritual depression,” with regard to one’s inability to glean any results from meditation. He used the phrase “niramisa dominassa.” At the outset, in context, I assume that this is the opposite of Niramisa Sukha. I am unable to find a word that correlates with “depression” in the Pali. I was only able to find the relative terms kheda, khīya, sammati and visada. What is the correct meaning of niramisa dominassa?

      Peace of Mind/Nirmisa Sukha

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      “Niramisa domanassa” arises in a person who is on the mundane or Noble Path and is not making progress fast enough for them.
      – For example, a Sotapanna may be worried about not making enough progress toward the Anagami stage. It is not depression. Just being anxious to get there faster.

      P.S. I revised the post “Peace of Mind to Nibbāna – The Key Step” that Dipobhasaddhamma linked above. It is an old post I wrote in 2016.
      By the way, please copy the exact title of the post when you post a link.

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