King Suddhodana hiding disease/aging/death from the Bodhisatta?

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      What is the name of the sutta that talks about this:
      The story about how the Bodhisatta was to only be aware of beautiful/young/healthy people, and all disease/old people/the dead/suffering were intentionally hidden from him (so that the Bodhisatta would choose to become a universal monarch rather than a Buddha). Story about how there was what seemed to be basically numerous hired actors in the entire kingdom so that the Bodisatta would not know the truth which would inspire him to search for the cause of suffering?

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      It is surprising to me that there does not seem to be any English textbooks on the life of Prince Siddhartha in general.

      Such information is unlikely to be in the suttas, but could be in the Vinaya Piṭaka. I have not had time to look at the Vinaya Piṭaka (I only started reading suttas after the Parinibbana of Waharaka Thero; until then I just relied on his desanas).

      When I was growing up in Sri Lanka, these details on Buddha’s life before Enlightenment (i.e., Prince Siddhartha’s) were taught in school. There were books written in Sinhala. So, it never occurred me to even look into this aspect all this time.

      After seeing upekkha100’s post, I looked into it a bit, but could not find much online or in textbook form.

      If anyone knows any text books or online info, that would be very beneficial.

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      i have not readn this book but maybe this book?


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      I don’t think this book has those details. This is a good book that I recently mentioned in a post. But it has very little information before the Buddhahood.

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      The Buddha and His Teachings by Ven. Narada Mahathera from Buddhist Publication Society.
      PDF : The Buddha and His Teachings by Ven. Narada Mahathera
      ePub format : The Buddha and His Teachings by Ven. Narada Mahathera

      Table of Contents
      The Buddha From Birth to Renunciation
      His Struggle for Enlightenment
      After the Enlightenment
      The Invitation to Expound the Dhamma
      Dhammacakkappavattana Sutta — The First Discourse
      The Teaching of the Dhamma
      The Buddha and his Relatives
      The Buddha and his Relatives (Continued)
      The Buddha’s Chief Opponents And Supporters
      The Buddha’s Royal Patrons
      The Buddha’s Ministry
      The Buddha’s Daily Routine
      The Buddha’s Parinibbāna (Death)
      The Teachings of the Buddha
      Some Salient Characteristics of Buddhism
      The Four Noble Truths
      What Is Kamma?
      The Working of Kamma
      Nature of Kamma
      What Is the Origin of Life?
      The Buddha on the So-Called Creator-God
      Reasons To Believe In Rebirth
      The Wheel of Life (Paṭicca Samuppāda)
      Modes of Birth and Death
      Planes of Existence
      How Rebirth Takes Place
      What Is It That Is Reborn? (No-Soul)
      Moral Responsibility
      Kammic Descent and Kammic Ascent
      The Doctrine of Kamma and Rebirth in the West
      Characteristics of Nibbāna
      The Way to Nibbāna (I)
      The Way to Nibbāna (II) Meditation
      The Five Hindrances
      The Way to Nibbāna (III)
      The State of an Arahant
      The Bodhisatta Ideal
      Pāramī — Perfections
      Brahmavihāra — The Sublime States
      Eight Worldly Conditions (Aṭhalokadhammā)
      The Problems of Life


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