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      This comment is from Tobias:

      See: “Mahāsakuludāyi Sutta (MN 77)- With English Translation at Sutta Central

      Puna caparaṁ, udāyi, akkhātā mayā sāvakānaṁ paṭipadā, yathāpaṭipannā me sāvakā dasa kasiṇāyatanāni bhāventi.

      Pathavīkasiṇameko sañjānāti uddhamadho tiriyaṁ advayaṁ appamāṇaṁ;

      āpokasiṇameko sañjānāti …pe… tejokasiṇameko sañjānāti … vāyokasiṇameko sañjānāti … nīlakasiṇameko sañjānāti … pītakasiṇameko sañjānāti … lohitakasiṇameko sañjānāti … odātakasiṇameko sañjānāti … ākāsakasiṇameko sañjānāti … viññāṇakasiṇameko sañjānāti uddhamadho tiriyaṁ advayaṁ appamāṇaṁ.

      The translation says: “Furthermore, I have explained to my disciples a practice that they use to develop the ten universal dimensions of meditation …”

      So it seems the Buddha taught kasina meditation. Or does it mean something different?

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      Yes. There is a kasina mediation in Buddha Dhamma.
      – It DOES NOT use kasina objects.

      More details on Buddhist kasina mediation in the “Mahārāhulovāda Sutta (MN 62)”.
      – “Mahārāhulovāda Sutta (MN 62) – With English Translation at Sutta Central

      I have not read the English translations of both suttas. So, I don’t know how accurate they are.
      But if there is any mention of kasina objects, please point that out. I can take a look.

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      The following comment is by Tobias:
      I still cannot post. What is meant by the word kasina? Sutta Central says: all, whole, entire.

      Sorry to hear that, Tobias. Try a different browser if possible.

      The word “kasina” has roots in “khīṇa” or “to wear away.” It is used in the mundane sense by ancient yogis and also in the lokottara sense in Buddha Dhamma.

      1. The yogis had realized that keeping one’s mind away from sensual pleasures will lead to the “wearing away of the tendency to attach to sensual pleasures” and thus to get into jhana.
      – So, they used inert “kasina objects” to keep the mind focused on non-sensual arammana and were able to get into jhanas.
      – In a way, “breath meditation” is a form of kasina mediation using air as a “kasina object.”

      2. In Buddha Dhamma “wearing away of defilements” is done on a permanent basis using insight meditation (by cultivating wisdom or paññā).
      – A special case is to contemplate the true nature pathavi, apo, tejo, vayo, and that is in the two suttas mentioned earlier.

      It would take a post to expand on that. I just don’t have time right now.

      The following discourse by Waharaka Thero also explains the above briefly:
      කසින භාවනා සහ දුතාංග

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      Tobias G

      Yesterday I tried with two browsers: BRAVE and CHROME. Both with the same result.

      Anyway the word “kasina” makes sense.

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