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      Here are two paragraphs from the Hemavata sutta PDF:
      1) “The lady Kali who had acquired the divine hearing overheard the Deva’s (Yakkha) conversation, a special divine sense of hearing acquired by people who had accrued great parami in their past existence, also had attained Sotapanna after she developed her overwhelming adoration of the Buddha attributes. ”

      2) “The Satagiri Deva, unlike
      other Devas, although he was at the assembly, listening to the Dhammacakka Sutta, was not able to attain Sotapanna, because he was not attentive to the Sermon. When Satagiri and his friends Hemavata later met the Buddha, after hearing Buddha admonition had attained the Sotapanna along with their one thousand attendants Yakkhas. ”

      According to the above, Lady Kali became a Sotapanna from listening to a conversation between Satagiri and Hemavata. However, when Satagiri and Hemavata were having that conversation, they were not Sotapannas, they were still anariya for that entire conversation. They become Sotapanna only after meeting with the Buddha.

      My question:
      A desana does not necessarily have to be from an Ariya in order to attain the Sotapanna stage right? Because Lady Kali’s case shows that one can become a Sotapanna by listening to a desana from an anariya.

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      Either Satagiri or Hemavata MUST have been a Sotapanna for Lady Kali to attain the Sotapanna stage by listening to their discussion.

      I do not have time to read the document. But something appears to be wrong with the above extractions from that document.

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      Hi Upekkha100,

      Is there a link to the original sutta?

      The one I found (https://suttacentral.net/snp1.9/en/mills) does not have any mention about Lady Kali. May be there is another sutta which has reference to it.

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      Hi Akvan. I’m afraid I don’t have a link for the original sutta or any sutta related to this. Perhaps there are others who might know and can be of more assistance.

      Lal said:
      “But something appears to be wrong with the above extractions from that document. ”

      I think so too. Especially now after finding this from palikanon:
      “Their conversation is found in the introductory gāthā of the Hemavata Sutta (q.v.). Buddhaghosa says (SNA.i.199) that, according to some, this meeting took place, not on the occasion of the first sermon, but later, when the Buddha was living in the Gotāmaka cetiya. “

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      The good thing about that sutta is qualities of Buddha are explained very well which can really help Buddhanussati.

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