Can someone get bad kamma for speaking bad about dead people?

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      Does being dead negate the bad kamma or does the bad kamma still count when something bad is said against a dead person?

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      The moment you started thinking bad about person you stared to creating bad kamma already. In Satipatthana person already failed to catch up that on Kāyānupassanā stage so last resort failed. I think even if you think bad about things that does not exists you will develop bad kamma by developing bad gathi and habits related to being bad. So it does not even matter if that person is dead, alive or even exists as one will then act up like that to everybody/everything at the end of the day. Dead body can not trigger anything as what triggers that PS cycle is the ignorance that people have in his mind and dead person or whatever is just point that person shoots up his ignorance.

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      Christian is right.

      What really matters is one’s state of mind. Whether there is another person affected or not, a mind defiled with greed, anger, or ignorance WILL lead to bad kamma vipaka.
      – If another person is affected in some way, that just creates a “kammic connection” between the two, i.e., one will become indebted to the “wronged person”.

      The importance of the “state of mind” is in the first Dhammapada verse. The second part of the verse says:
      manasā cē padutthēna
      bhāsati vā karoti vā
      tatō nam dukkhamanvēti
      cakkamva vahatō padam

      Translated: “In the case of a defiled mind (acting with lōbha, dōsa, mōha), suffering will follow just as a wheel of a cart follows the footsteps of the ox pulling it (cakkamva vahatō padam).”

      See, “Manōpubbangamā Dhammā..

      This is also what I will be discussing in detail in the new series: “Origin of Life

      P.S. If it is a past deed, I would not worry about it. We all have done many bad kamma in the past (especially in past lives). We should just focus on what is under our control: our future actions, speech, and thoughts.

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