Can a person with dvihetuka patisnadhi attain Sotapanna Magga Anugami stage

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      Dr. J Chakma

      We know that if a person is born with dvihetuka patisnadhi, he/she cannot attain a magga phala (Sotapanna or above) in this current human bhava.

      However, I would like to ask: Can a person with dvihetuka patisnadhi attain Sotapanna Magga Anugami stage? Can he/she learn and grasp Dhamma to the level needed to become Sotapanna anugami, though born with dvihetuka patisnadhi.

      Thanks in advance, with METTA to all beings

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      Sotapanna Anugami is also a Noble person, one of the “attha purisa puggala”, or the “eight Noble persons”.

      So, a Sotapanna Anugami must have a tihetuka birth.

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      From another forum topic, Akvan had commented:
      “I have heard or read (though I cannot recall where) that a sotapanna anugamu will definitely attain sotapanna pala before his death in that very same life time. If someone has a tripitaka reference for this would be great if you can share it.”

      To which Siebe referred sutta SN25.1
      ^ The english translation of that sutta says:
      “They can’t die without realizing the fruit of stream-entry.”

      I’m not sure if that is the correct translation.

      My question:
      Will a Sotapanna Anugami become a Sotapanna in the very same jathi or very same bhava?

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      From SN 25.1: “. .abhabbo ca tāva kālaṃ kātuṃ yāva na sotāpattiphalaṃ sacchikaroti.”

      The key word is “tāva kālaṃ kātuṃ” or “time expiration”. Many people translate it as “time expiration for the current physical body”, but it could mean “time expiration for the human bhava”. In either case, it is a negligible time in the samsaric time scale.
      – One will not be reborn in the apayas.

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      Thanks Upekkha, Siebe and Lal.

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      Dr. J Chakma

      Thanks to all. Doubt is now clear.

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