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      Do the terms ‘anuloma’ and ‘patiloma’ mean something with regards to PS?

      Thank you very much in advance for your responses and answers.

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      @firewns says: “Do the terms ‘anuloma’ and ‘patiloma’ mean something with regards to PS?”

      Yes, anuloma means regular or direct order or forward order while paṭiloma means the reverse; opposite; contrary; backward order in paṭiccasamuppāda.

      You may want to read this article Vedanā in Paṭiccasamuppāda with reference to anuloma-paṭiccasamuppāda and paṭiloma-paṭiccasamuppāda.

      With metta.

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      To add to what Seng Kiat wrote:

      In contemplating Paticca Samuppada backwards (“patiloma”), one starts by replacing, “jati paccaya jara, marana,…” with “jati rirodha jara, marana..nirodha”.

      Then, “bhava paccaya jati” is replaced by “bhava nirodha jati nirodha”, etc.

      Then one can see some key insights.
      For example, if one does not do “apunna abhisankhara”, no corresponding “bad vinnana” would arise that can lead to births in the apayas.

      So, it is not just repeating words. One needs to “see” how bad births can be stopped from arising by stopping corresponding abhi sankhara. Of course, as one forcefully stops such abhi sankhara, one’s “bad gati” would reduce over time.
      – However, it is also essential to learn Dhamma to get rid of avijja, the root cause.

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      Tobias G

      I wonder why those two words ‘anuloma’ and ‘patiloma’ mean forward/backward while in the post Sotapanna Anugami and a Sotapanna it is said:

      #8 “…“anu” means “through the understanding of Tilakkhana”, “lo” means “craving for worldly things”, and “ma” means “removal”, and thus “anulōma” means “removal of craving for worldly things to some extent via the comprehension of Tilakkhana”.”

      How to sort this?

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      Same words can have different meanings based on the context. This is true even in other languages.

      In English, the word “right” in “turn right” and “you are right” have very different meanings, for example.

      I do not see a simple breakdown for “anuloma/patiloma” to yield “forward/backward” meanings.

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