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That’s what I admired @LayDhammaFollower !!!


You said,


“Because, world works on laws of causality not as per our wishes.”


This sentence gave me a lot of insight. It was explained in more detail in #39349 .


In #39349, LayDhammaFollower said,


Without birth one would not form any attachments.<br /><br />
Without attachments one would not have birth.


I think it has a profound meaning. So I could only understand a little bit.


I’d like to have my studies checked.


My understanding is as follows :


Attachments are a waste of energy. Because it is key factor to suffering, not what one desires.


Let’s say there’s a man who wants to build muscles.


Man’s cravings to muscle are not causes of muscle production!


When he wants to bulid muscles, he must have to train his body! Not just craving!


If he doesn’t exercise and just wants muscles, he can not get muscles.


So we have to remove attachments. It is useless. Cravings are waste of mental energy.


However, we often misunderstood that cravings are cause of what we want.




I think it’s because we’re used to use pīḷana as a fuel of sankhara.


But pīḷana is just a source of abhisankhāra. It is not the main cause of what someone wants.


So we have to remove attachments.


Ironically, when we remove attachments in this world, we do not need to be reborn!




Did I get it right?