Reply To: Gaṇakamoggallāna Sutta (MN 107)


I have revised your link to point to that verse.
– English translation there is not bad, but I would write as: “That’s how I instruct Bhikkhus who are trainees—who haven’t achieved Arahanthood, but live aspiring to attain Nibbana.”
– That translator translates “bhikkhu” as “mendicant” all the time. A Bhikkhu is NOT a “begger”: “mendicant definition
– It is an insult to call a Bhikkhu a “begger”!

Anyway, the point is that “sekkhā” is a “trainee,” someone on the Noble Path who has not attained Arahanthood.
– “apattamānasā” means “not reached.”
– “anuttaraṁ yogakkhemaṁ” means “ultimate goal”
– “patthayamānā viharanti” means “live aspiring to reach that goal.”

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