Reply To: I Have Been working on Pure Buddha Dhamma MindMap.


1. There was an old post on the website, “Root Cause of Anicca – Five Stages of a Saṅkhata.”
– I think I removed it at some point.

However, I just found a reference to it in: “Difference Between Dhammā and Saṅkhāra
– See #8 there. I need to revise that post to remove this reference.
But I wanted to check with LayDhammaFollower to see whether the post “Root Cause of Anicca – Five Stages of a Saṅkhata” is still accessible on the website. Please let me know.

2. Again, I may be responsible for the idea of five dhammatā.

I just saw the post, “What is Kamma? – Is Everything Determined by Kamma?
– See #2 there, which needs revision.
– We had discussed that in the forum, but I never got to revise this post either. I will do that soon.
– You can find that discussion in, “Five Niyamas-Does Every Unfortunate Event Always Have Kamma As A Root Cause?
– See the last two entries, where we decided that Tipitaka refers to only one dhammatā.
To quote:
“You are right, Tobias. There is only one dhammatā, which is dhammaniyāmatā. The sutta you referenced explains that.

It seems that the five “five dhammatā” was made up by someone in a commentary. It could be Visuddhimagga, but I am not sure.
– If a key principle is not referenced in the Tipitaka, it is safe to assume that it was made up by someone at a later time.”

My apologies for these errors not being corrected.