Reply To: kusala mula PS leads not to rebirth


OK. I have revised #13 in “Kusala-Mula Paṭicca Samuppāda” as follows. Don’t hesitate to point out further possible revisions. I don’t read the whole post when I revise one.

13. With adhimokkha as a condition, (Ariya) bhava arises. Note that an Ariya bhava arises via ELIMINATING a uppatti bhava. For example, one is “born” an Anāgāmi by eliminating the possibility of rebirths in the 11 realms of kāma loka.

– The resulting existence (or “bhava”) matches that state of mind: “paṭi+ichcha sama uppāda”; one “lives” that experience. In the above example, an Anāgāmi does not have the mindset to be reborn in kāma loka.
– If it is a rebirth at paṭisandhi, an appropriate “bhava” is selected according to the kamma nimitta. Here any “apāyagāmi” kamma seeds acquired in the distant past do not get a chance to come to the forefront, and thus a rebirth in the lower four realms is prevented.
– Of course, at an Arahant’s death, the kusala-mula PS process stops (forever) without grasping a new bhava.