Reply To: kusala mula PS leads not to rebirth


Tobias asked: Can it be that this preparation of food is just punna kamma and the kusala thoughts with understanding are in the background and operate the kusala mula PS? Otherwise, why is it not mentioned in Vb 6 as namarupa?”

Appropriate namarupa arise (with an understanding of Tilakkhana at that level) in the Kusala-mula PS. The steps in the post “Kusala-Mula Paṭicca Samuppāda” are from the Vibhanga; see #5 in the post.
– I don’t understand why you say that “why is it not mentioned in Vb 6 as namarupa?”
– It is possible that you may be looking at a detailed analysis where only the “nama” is in play with the “Chattayatana”, not “namarupa” with “salayatana.”

All kammas are mind-made. A kusala kamma REMOVES raga, dosa, moha from a mind and an akusala kamma adds.

Tobias wrote: “then you should modify the post on kusala mula PS because there you describe it as if the kusala mula PS is responsible for upatti and pavutti bhava.”
– I don’t think there is anything to be revised. If you see a particular bullet # giving that idea please quote that.
– Kusala-mula PS does not create NEW bhava. There is no “upadana paccaya bhava bhava” in the Kusala-mula PS. Please read that post again.