Reply To: Kusala-Mula Paticca Samuppada


“Since the window of the current Buddha sasana is only 5000 years, it is very disheartening that is so hard or almost impossible to attain stream entry unless on understands the tilakkhana.”

“If they were unable to even enter the stream, there is no hope for a lay person like me.”

You seem to be discouraged about attaining the sotapanna stage in this life. Without speculating about other people’s magga phala, I believe that there are ariyā right here in the community.

“I am so grateful for your having created this wonderful tool to understand Buddha’s teachings.”

In fact, I believe that Lal created this website primarily to help us get to the sotapanna stage.

Of the ten dasa akusala, a sotapanna has removed just one: micchā diṭṭhi, and learning Dhamma from the posts here helps remove it. Further more, it brings Nirāmisa Sukha almost right away:

Learning Buddha Dhamma Leads to Nirāmisa Sukha

Personally, I feel for the first time ever that the sotapanna anugami stage is within reach in this life time.