Reply To: If I am understanding a being, Nirodha Samapatti and Parinibbana correctly.


Sotapanna Anugami wrote: “Dukkha dukha, tendency to change and suffer is taken from Venerable Waharakha Thero’s desana.”

– Waharaka Thero’s desanas are sometimes not translated correctly. The English translation can depend on the translator. I have emphasized that in the thread that has several of Waharaka desana translated. P.S. See my comment on June 13, 2020 at 6:58 am at “Waharaka Thero English Subs Discourse
– That is why I translated one of them. But it takes too much time.
– So, I want to emphasize that SOME parts of the Waharaka desanas may not be correctly translated.

The three types of dukkha can be summarized as follows:
– Dukkha dukkha is mainly kamma vipaka that manifest in the physical body: injuries, sicknesses, body aches/pains, etc.
– Sankhara dukkha is the suffering associated with one’s efforts to acquire more sensory pleasures. One has to work hard to make a living and to acquire “things’ that we perceive to provide happiness.
– Those things that we acquire breakdown and break apart. Furthermore, our bodies also start degrading at old age and die. Both those lead to distress and that is the viparinama dukkha.

Those are the main ideas but can be described in more detail.
– See, for example, “Introduction – What is Suffering?