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Yes, Triplegem3! You seem to have got the idea.

You seem the have realized that we are chasing a mirage when we try to pursue sense gratification. One only gets tired (and old) in the end while relentlessly pursuing “pleasurable things” in this world.
– Of course, one gets rewarded at times on the way. But by the time death comes, there is nothing to show for it. Of course, one may have accumulated vast wealth but may be too frail and old to enjoy it. In any case, the thought of leaving all that behind at death is also part of suffering.

As for the terminology, the following is one way to look at it.
– Dukkha dukkha is mostly suffering due to past bad kamma (or bad kamma vipaka). It is strongest in the lower realms but is present significantly in the human realm.
– The viparinama dukkha is dominant in higher realms. Even though there is no significant dukkha dukkha in Deva and Brahma realms, they also age and die.
– All three types of dukkha are in the human realm. Humans endure significant sankhara dukkha. Part of this is the effort to try to access more sense pleasures. When those accumulated valuables start decaying or destruction, then we need to engage in more sankhara to maintain them. Being worried about all that is also sankhara dukkha. Samphassa ja-vedana belongs to sankhara dukkha.

If I have stated otherwise in earlier posts, please let me know. I may need to revise them.

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