Reply To: Puredhamma meditation retreat 2020


Thanks for posting this update, Axel.
– By the way, Axel is on an extended trip to Sri Lanka in search of a monastery to become Anagarika and then eventually a Bhikkhu. His travel experiences are described at: “Arya Monasteries

I had heard about Vimuththa Therani but had not listened to a discourse from her. I just listened to half of a discourse and it was, of course, good.

It is good to listen to any of the Theros/Theranis listed by Axel in his reports.

Christian and others have also discussed discourses and retreats by others, including Walassmulle Abhaya Thero. See, “Personal Experiences

– They are all based on Waharaka Thero’s correct interpretations.
– Each one’s approach may be somewhat different.

I also encourage attending retreats by any of them. I hear good things about them. Those are good opportunities, especially if a retreat is to be held close-by.

P.S. This week’s new post is:
Kamma, Saṅkhāra, and Abhisaṅkhāra