Reply To: Indriya bhavana/good deeds/ayatana


So going back to what I had wanted to point out before:

The 7 universal cetasika of a citta:
1) Phassa
2) Vedana
3) Sanna
4) Cetana
5) Ekaggata
6) Jivitindriya
7) Manasikara

Is the following correct:
-All of those 7 cetasika start out as pure/uncontaminated
-All start out as neutral.
-Whether it is an anariya or Ariya.

Meaning for example:
-Phassa is just phassa, and not yet samphassa at this initial stage.
-Sanna is not yet nicca/sukha/atta.
-Vedana is neither amisa sukha nor amisa dukha. At this early stage, it is neutral too(I remember using listening to a favorite song repeatedly as an example, and was told my vedana would INITIALLY be neutral before contaminating with tanha each time I’d listen to it.)

It is said cetana is the cetasika that include the other cetasikas: asobhana cetasika or sobhana cetasika. Both asobhana and sobhana cetasika generate kamma. Bad kamma and good kamma. Neither are neutral. So at the early stage of a citta, is the cetana cetasika neutral too like phassa/sanna/vedana/and the rest of the universal cetasika? Meaning: at the very early initial stage, is it correct to say that cetana does not incorporate any of the kamma generating cetasikas(neither asobhana cetasika nor sobhana cetasika)?