Reply To: Indriya bhavana/good deeds/ayatana


I think the revision that you have made in the The Grand Unified Theory of Dhammā – Introduction
post is incorrect. I think what you had written before the revision was correct.

Before the revision:
A) “One actually strives to remove greed, hate, and ignorance, which are “san”. When this is done, other three causes are automatically removed. ”

After the revision:
B) “The three good roots non-greed, non-hate, and non-ignorance are not removed, but the CONDITIONS (tanhā and upādāna) for them to lead to rebirth are removed at that time. Therefore, one will not be reborn even in the “good realms”.

Your revision(B) says the 3 good roots are not removed. The sutta, AN 3.34, says that the 3 good roots are removed. That sutta matches A(what you had written before the revision).