Reply To: How can vedana paccaya phassa?


In one of Lal’s earlier posts, I think it was mentioned that tanha arises from asavas and that avijja and asavas strengthen each other. It is unfortunate that I cannot recall the title of that post nor can I find it even when I do my best to search for it.

It was also mentioned in the post “The Origin of Matter – Suddhāshtaka” under #8 that “…wherever there is avijjā there is tanhā, and vice versa.” Does this happen only because avijja gives rise to tanha, even though tanha does not give rise to avijja?

Since the annamanna paccaya does not work for vedana paccaya tanha, can PS indicate the pathway in which tanha and asavas strengthen avijja?

Thank you very much for your responses in advance.