Reply To: Indriya bhavana/good deeds/ayatana


The revision states:

“The three good roots non-greed, non-hate, and non-ignorance are not removed, but the CONDITIONS (tanhā and upādāna) for them to lead to rebirth are removed at that time. Therefore, one will not be reborn even in the “good realms.”

As I’ve learned, there is a difference between cause and condition. They are not the same. One needs both for the result/fruit. Cannot just have the cause and expect the result; need the condition as well. Cannot just have the condition and expect the result; need the cause as well.

Cause+no condition=no result
No cause+ condition= no result

Seed + no (nutrients/sun/water)= no fruit
No seed+ (nutrients/sun/water)= no fruit
Seed+(nutrients/sun/water)= fruit

In the Second Noble Truth, tanha is said to be the cause.

In Paticca Samupada tanha paccaya upadana step, tanha is the condition.

Is tanha the cause or condition? Or both depending on the situation?