Reply To: Indriya bhavana/good deeds/ayatana


Lal said:
“Then one would be AUTOMATICALLY doing most deeds with panna or with understanding of the anicca nature. Then one would be doing more deeds with metta, karuna,mudita, upekkha.The higher the understanding, the more power those thoughts will have. ”

Buddhas and Arahants have eradicated not only all of the asobhana cetasika(that stem from the 3 bad roots) but all of the sobhana cetasika(that stem from the 3 good roots) as well.

Panna, mudita, karuna are sobhana cetasika.

Yet Buddhas and Arahants not only have panna/mudita/karuna, but these are at incomparable levels too(meaning: their level of karuna can’t be compared to the boundless karuna of even a brahma for example).

If they no longer have the 3 good roots nor any of the sobhana cetasika, where does their panna/mudita/karuna stem from? Surely not rooted in anything, but as a result of a purity(absence of all 6 roots)?