Reply To: AN1.310


“careless attention” is used in there for the translation of “yoniso manasikara”.

Here is the full sutta:
Nāhaṃ, bhikkhave, aññaṃ ekadhammampi samanupassāmi yena anuppannā vā micchādiṭṭhi uppajjati uppannā vā micchādiṭṭhi pavaḍḍhati yathayidaṃ, bhikkhave, ayonisomanasikāro. Ayoniso, bhikkhave, manasi karoto anuppannā ceva micchādiṭṭhi uppajjati uppannā ca micchādiṭṭhi pavaḍḍhatī”ti.

The basic idea stated in the sutta is:

Bhikkhus, unarisen (new) wrong views arise and arisen wrong views become worse due to none other than ayoniso mansaikara“.

The critical thing to realize is that ayoniso manasikara is much more deeper than than just “careless attention”.

Ayoniso manasikara is of course the opposite of yoniso manasikara.

A given person with no comprehension of Dhamma/adhamma (what is moral/what is not) can pay his/her utmost attention and still have those problems: arising of new wrong views and the growth of existing wrong views.

Yoniso manasikara explained at: “Four Conditions for Attaining Sōtapanna Magga/Phala“.

One should always be mindful of not doing dasa akusala, and learn correct Buddha Dhamma. That is the closest to acting with yoniso manasikara. As one makes progress, one will have better yoniso manasikara.