Reply To: Are the following 2 cases definite ways to tell if one has tihetuka patisandhi?


I’m still curious about this:

-When someone removes the 10 micca ditthi, it is said they have entered the mundane Path and are getting closer to grasping tilakkhana.

1) Is it known what happens to a dvihetuka person when they remove all of the 10 micca ditthi?

2) Or is it that, fully discarding all of the 10 micca ditthi is not even possible for a dvihetuka person, just as grasping tilakkhana is not possible, at least in this bhava(but hopefully in the immediate next bhava, no guarantee I know). Hence why they might remain with niyata micca ditthi, an example would be practising Buddha Dhamma without the belief in rebirth/kamma.